Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Concentration Tip #1

Here's the most effect strategies in maintaining strategies from maintaining your concentration. I call it, 'be here now', 'technique', it's pretty simple. If you find your attention strain from what's happening. Simply repeat to yourself 'be here now'. This will help you to re-establish your concentration to the present moment. You may have to do this hundreds of times in an average week, just keep trying and be patient and you will see improvement. Hope you all really enjoy this technique and it works for you.

This coming week is the buddy week at the school and we look forward to meeting anyone who you would like to introduce to the academy.

Weekly Challenge: Review what you learned at the BIG MMA Seminar. Be sure to leave feedback at our Facebook page and Dion Riccardo's FB Page too.

Bonus: Spend 15 mins doing one of the new drills each day this week and take it to the next level.

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