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The Roots of the Tree - Needs & Values
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  • Upcoming Events & Updates
  • Instructor's Corner - Requests - How to get what you need. How offer to help others.

Who is on Facebook? We are on Facebook now and I and Mr. Trojan are touching base weekly to see what's up. If you would like to join us click the link below.
Important News:
  • Graduation - Graduation celebration will be held Saturday April 14th
    • 2-7 12:00 to 1:30 PM
    • 8-12 1:30 to 3:00 PM
    • Adults 3:00 to 4:30 PM
I am so looking forward to seeing what our students want to demo. Anthony just finished his first fire break practice yesterday. He drew about 20 people who watched in amazement. Way to go Anthony! Nick now wants to do an ice break. I pump to see what else everyone is planning on sharing at graduation? See you all there.

Instructor's Corner
Requests - How to get what you need. How offer to help others.
By Scott Shoen

Now that we know what the other person needs are and have confirmed them with them we can make a request to help. Most of the time this will not be difficult to find out what would help since we know the need. At the same time we can make a request to help or for help and see how the person responds.

Here are some examples:

Requests to Help:

1. Would you like to drive to subway to get something to eat at 12:30? (Need: Food)
2. Would you like to work together on your homework for the next 30 minutes? This way if you would like help with a problem I can show you how I might solve it? (Needs: Competence, Learning)
3. Would you like to take a walk and talk about your situation at work? ((Needs: Competence, Learning, Appreciation, Empathy)
4. Would you like to drink milk or juice for lunch? ((Need: Variety)
5. I am willing to take out the trash. Would that work for you? ((Needs: Support, Safety)

Requests for Help: 

1. Would you be willing to watch me do my homework. Then once I am done show me how you might have answered any of the questions differently. I am guessing this will take about 45 minutes. ((Needs: Competence, Learning, Support, Connection)
2. Would you be willing to babysit my kids this Friday from 5:00 to 11:00 PM ((Needs: Support, Safety of Kids, Space, Autonomy)

3. Would you be up for hanging out this Friday at the movies around 5:00 PM? (Friendship, Play, Excitement, Connection)
4. Would you start your homework at your desk in your room with me when you get home from school?  (Needs & Values: Safety and Learning of your son because you Love him.)
5. Would you pick up all your clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper? (Needs & Values: Safety, Organization, Learning for your child because you Love her.)
In the next post I will be talking about making requests that are clear, positive, and use concrete action language. This way we can reveal what we really want.

I am so grateful to hear our students feedback on these posts either on the blog, Facebook, or YouTube. Thanks for everyone's supports.
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